YouTube Channel – Meat Revival – A Baptism In Smoke

It’s been a while, but Lotta Bull BBQ has been busy busy busy.  Check out our latest Adventure on YouTube,  Meat Revival – A Baptism In Smoke and be sure to Subscribe and Like it while you re there.  Every other Wednesday there will be a new How To Video added to the Channel.  Mike, along with Kevin Jacques of U of Que, have partnered up to bring you some of their favorite recipes.  They will be featuring different smokers, grills and products along the way. And the giveaways are just out of this world.  Be sure to check it out.

When not filming the new YouTube Channel, we are working on the Lotta Bull BBQ Food Trailer.  Check out our Facebook Pages, Lotta Bull BBQ Food Trailer or Mike-Debbie Davis to find out where we will be each day and what is on the Menu for the day.  You can still catch us at Special BBQ Events as well. Stay tuned, lots more to come!!