Jackson Wins his first Grand Championship

Jackson has had an awesome summer. His first cook-off in Chandler he won 3rd place. We went and picked up all 3 grandsons again to go with us to Norman, OK. Jackson entered his 2nd cook-off and won not only his age division, but he was the GC for all 3 age divisions. He was really excited to get GC along with a cool looking trophy and money to add to his savings account. Pappaw didn’t do as well, but he did get 2nd Chicken and 6th overall. Our goal when we take the boys is to survive. We did. But the best news of all this summer was Jackson accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior while he was at Church camp. AWESOME!!! This was the best news we’ve had in a long time. Congrats to Jackson on being Saved, and on winning his first GC.