“Tell All” BBQ Class

$300 per person (SPOUSE ONLY included) No frills class, you will get everything we do from start to finish at a BBQ Competition contest. We are giving back to BBQ & putting the fun back in doing what we love to do.

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Tell All Class

Arkansas Diamond Cup

Excited to announce that Lotta Bull BBQ finished 3rd in The Arkansas Diamond Cup. Be sure and check out their website www.arkansasdiamondcup.com. They have some changes in the works for 2016. Just cook any Arkansas Contest no matter the sanctioning body and earn points. This year they had $1200 in prize money that they spread out for the top 3 finishers and they have hopes of getting more sponsors and pay out more places next year. So if your going to compete anyways, why not cook in Arkansas and have a chance of making a little extra cash at the end of the year. We will post the trophy once we get it in the mail. Congrats to Fire Dancer for winning 1st place and Dad’s Grilling Crew on winning 2nd place.

Diamond Dust Rib Rub

It’s here. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your own supply of Diamond Dust Rib. We have it available as well as The Kansas City BBQ Store or at Killer Hogs. We have great success from quite a few teams using this on their ribs. We can’t share their names, but it is quite an amazing product. We use it when we compete and have done very well with it, the few times we have competed this year. Sooooooooo, if you haven’t tried it, well now is the time. So just click on store and place your order through us or click on www.thekansascitybbqstore.com or www.killerhogs.com and place that order.

American Royal 2014 is in the books……

photoJD and GuyWell another American Royal is in the books. Didn’t fare as good on the first day but made up for it on the second day. But its always a good time, for the last 16 years its always been our favorite to look forward to. This year we got to take our grandson JD with us and he cooked in the Kids Q and finished 11th overall. We had a 13th Springer Mountain Farms chicken and a 4th, yes a 4th place Compart Family Farms St Louis cut Spare rib!! Thanks Jim Compart and a huge thanks to Strube Ranch Beef for superior briskets, only to be futher enhanced by Butcher BBQ Injections by David Bouska The Royal experience is one everyone should get to do, its a bucket list thang! Here’s a few pictures from our weekend. Oh and got to show off the Mistress to Elvis, yep hes a fan!! And Jackson got to meet Guy!!

Competition Updates Continued

It’s was nice to get back home.  We drover over and did the Shawnee, OK cookoff where we took 7th pork and ended up 15th overall.  We were back home Saturday night.  What a great feeling to be home for a while.  It’s been a hectic year with Sponsors and family.  We hope we get all back on track before too long.  Back to work.  We headed over to Stillwater, OK at the Elks Lodge.  This is a contest where they love or hate you.  Last year we won this event, but this year we took 18th overall with a 6th place chicken.  Not sure we will go back.  We have seen more 6’s and 7’s on appearance than ever before this year.  You would think that after 19 years in this sport that we would know how to make a box.  On to the next weekend.  We drove over to Enid, OK where we ended up 10th overall with a 7th chicken and 10th brisket.  Not a bad day.  Enid is a lot of fun, and they do a great job at this event.  We headed back home again.  This is fun.  We headed over to Arkansas City, KS where we got our butts whooped.  Butts still burning over this one.  We are back home, and getting ready to head to Hot Springs, AR on Thursday.  We hope to have good news to share and hope all have a great weekend.

Competition Updates

Can’t believe it’s been since February that we have posted how we are doing at the Competitions.  We started out at Pensacola, Fl we ended up 6th overall with a 6 pork and a 5th brisket.  We went and hung out at the Wild Bunch Butt Burners residence in Atmore, AL in between a few contests.  We headed over to Mobile, AL with we were 14th overall with a 4th place pork.  We headed back to Atmore and hung out for another week while waiting to head over to Tupelo, MS.  This is a unique event because all the troopers and volunteers wear Elvis glasses and you are given a police escort to your spot.  Pretty cool.  We didn’t do well here at all.  We finished 13th with no top ten calls.  We left Tupelo and headed to Hammond, LA where we parked behind the City Glass Shop for the week while waiting to move over to our spot for the weekend on Thursday morning.  We enjoyed visiting with Eric and Georgette at their home on Monday night along with Swiggin’ Pig, Wild Bunch Butt Burners, and David Roper.  The meal was excellent and we really enjoyed getting to visit more with everyone.  On Tuesday night we all headed to Alack Culinary Equipment and Sales where John and Kathy of Wild Bunch, along with Barry of Swiggin’ Pig did a class on Brisket and pork.  Wednesday night we all headed back over to Alack and Mike did a class on chicken, and Mike Richter did a class on Ribs.  The room was packed both nights, and we all had a lot of fun.  Alack really has everything you need to do backyard bbq along with professional BBQ.  Be sure and check it out if you are ever in the area.  We didn’t do great this year at Hammond but we did end up 11th overall with an 8th place brisket.  We headed home.