Well the past 3 weeks have brought a few 1st places.  We’ve had a 1st in
Chicken, 1st in Brisket with a perfect score and two 1st places in Pork.
Awesome!!!!!  Thanks to you our sponsors.  We’re finally getting it together.
The judges taste has changed over the past couple of years.  We’ve been slowly
adjusting our taste profile.  We are pretty sure that we have finally gotten it
together.  Now we’ll see how the next few weeks go.  We have the best product to
start with and have some of the best seasonings/injections as well.  We have
never been fans of injecting the meat, but this is where the trend has gone.   It’s kind of like computers, we thought they were a fad, but now there here  to stay. LOL
Special thanks to Butcher BBQ, David Bouska for a great product along with Craig
Sharry of Texas Pepper Jelly.  Special thanks also to our meat sponsors, Strube
Ranch wagyu brisket, Springer Mtn Farms for chicken, and of course Compart Duroc
for awesome pork butts and ribs.  We are going to stick close to home until the
last week of June.  We have a lot going on in our personal lives right now, and
need to stay close to OK.  We will head out the end of June to New Mexico for a
couple of weeks then drive on over to Greenwood, SC then Indiana before headed
back to the house the end of July.  We are cooking in Okemah, OK next weekend
and we hope we have good news to share.  Thanks again to all our sponsors, and
hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.