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  • 2010 American Royal Open Grand Champion
  • 2010 Talladega King of the Pit Grand Champion
  • 2010 Alabama Barbecue Trail Grand Champioin
  • 2010 Jack Daniel's World Championship Brisket Grand Champion (Perfect Score 180)

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American Royal 2014 is in the books……

photoJD and GuyWell another American Royal is in the books. Didn’t fare as good on the first day but made up for it on the second day. But its always a good time, for the last 16 years its always been our favorite to look forward to. This year we got to take our grandson JD with us and he cooked in the Kids Q and finished 11th overall. We had a 13th Springer Mountain Farms chicken and a 4th, yes a 4th place Compart Family Farms St Louis cut Spare rib!! Thanks Jim Compart and a huge thanks to Strube Ranch Beef for superior briskets, only to be futher enhanced by Butcher BBQ Injections by David Bouska The Royal experience is one everyone should get to do, its a bucket list thang! Here’s a few pictures from our weekend. Oh and got to show off the Mistress to Elvis, yep hes a fan!! And Jackson got to meet Guy!!

Alma, AR Results

Champion Smokers & Grills Rat Rod

Champion Smoker & Grills Shiny and Sheek SmokerA great time at Alma. The organizer did a great job on accommodating all the teams with electricity and water, plus a great place to park. You could shop, eat lunch and cook BBQ all in one place. Well Mistress #7 is awesome to say the least. If you didn’t catch the post Mike made on Facebook the other day, all of his smokers have been his mistress. The Champion Smokers and Grills that Mike is a partner in are going to be launching all 5 models in the next few weeks. This was the first time for Mike to cook on his Rat Rod Smoker that he designed with input from Lewis who did the lights on the smoker and Larry who did the painting and made it look like a Rat Rod. Mike along wtih George Ewart of Dead End Society, who has a restaurant in Knoxville and Maryville, Tn, and competes on the circuit when time permits, and Randy and Jeff Roth of Quality Steel out of Knoxville have joined together to make smokers and grills. Pretty excited about the new venture, and you won’t believe how awesome all of them are. As soon as the website is finished we will update you so you can see what we’ve been up to other than running on weekends to compete.

So, to get back to my story LOL, we ended up 6th again, we’re consistant:) We had 6th chicken (this was the best chicken in a long time and should have been 1st, just saying), 5th rib, 7th pork and 6th brisket. Yea, we finally got all 4 calls, but ended up 6th overall. We aren’t complaining. God has blessed us in so many ways, and all of our sponsors fall in that category. Ya’ll really have no idea how much you each mean to us. Not just the money or product, but the relationships we have made with ya’ll. We are making a mad dash to Kennedale, TX to celebrate our only granddaughter’s 2nd birthday tomorrow. Pappaw has to take her out for her birthday breakfast, while Memaw gets to take donuts to everyone else. It’s a tradition Mike started with our first grandson, and will continue until the Good Lord calls him home. Showing to get there between 9:30 and 10:00 tonight, but I’m sure we have to stop and get fuel or let Gabbie Sue out, so I’m shooting for midnight. Like to leave plenty of room in there for Mike to change his mind.

I’ve really gotten pretty good at fixing supper going down the road. I didn’t actually cook this time, but I made sandwiches and cut them in half and gave him chips and a drink. The cold front moved in, and I had to go buy a sweatshirt yesterday. Our winter clothers are in the storage building in Arkansas. Of course, because we won’t be back there till Monday some time. Going to spend the day tomorrow with all the kids. Our oldest, Jackson, is going to the Royal with us to cook in the Kids Q, so him and Pappaw have some practicing to do. Pappaw has to let Jackson do every thing, which is extremely hard for him not to jump in there. Anyways, we head to Midwest City, OK next weekend for the Sam’s Regional Event. If we finish in the top 10 we move on the next weekend to the finals in Bentonville, AR.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, www.compartduroc.com, www.struberanch@aol.com, butcherbbq@aol.com and www.springermountainfarms.com. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. And we have to give God all the honor and glory, because without him we couldn’t do anything. Hope all have a Blessed Weekend and upcoming week………….Later Debbie

Lotta Bull BBQ

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