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  • 2010 American Royal Open Grand Champion
  • 2010 Talladega King of the Pit Grand Champion
  • 2010 Alabama Barbecue Trail Grand Champioin
  • 2010 Jack Daniel's World Championship Brisket Grand Champion (Perfect Score 180)

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Bucks, Ducks and BBQ

Conway 2
Another great weekend for Lotta Bull BBQ. Our first Grand Champion win this year at the Bucks, Ducks & BBQ in Conway, AR. I guess the older you get the fewer and farther between wins come. We will take them anyway we can get them. Thanks to Springer Mtn Farms for the 13th place chicken. It was a lot better than that, thanks to Compart Duroc Family Farms for our awesome Pork Butts and Ribs, we were happy to walk away with a 4th place in Ribs and 5th in Pork, along with a ……… wait…….can you hear it……..YES 1ST PLACE STRUBE RANCH WAGYU BRISKET ALONG WITH BUTCHER BBQ INJECTION. Then the real kicker was to only have 3 calls and win Grand Champion. Have to congratulate Drew McNatt of Hog Tide on his Reserve Grand Champion and his 180 Rib. Drew had all 4 calls so we all had him picked to win. These are the wins that stick with you. The ones you don’t expect. It was great visiting with Killer Hogs, BBQr’s Delight (congrats on your first place chicken Candy), Caveman Cuisine who without shiggin with em wouldn’t have made it:), Dancer Boy, Dancer Girl and Tiny Dancer, Hog Tide Sizzlin Bones and a few new folks one of which was QBones

Greenwood, SC Results

??????????????????What a great weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We did a backyard class on Thursday night with 48 attendees. Mike got up sick so we drugged him up and about 15 mins into the class you could tell the medicine had finally kicked in. He showed them how to stuff a pork loin, how to prep ribs and pork butt. We then served them pulled pork, chopped brisket sliders along with Baked Potato Salad and Cole Slaw which the sides were courtesty of Howard’s Deli, and the meat by Carolina Pride. These are two of Greenwood’s sponsors. We enjoyed the time afterwards visiting with some of the folks that took the class. We had a ball doing the class, and can’t thank Julie Wilkie, Laura Ackerman, and Lindsey for all there help along with Grant and Cary. Thanks to Charlie Barrineau as well. Put Mike to bed early and he fought fever off and on all weekend, but was able to compete. We were happy with everything we turned in, so that’s usually a kiss of death. We only ended up on one bad table where we had a 69th chicken (but the best on the table placed 22nd) we thought it was good, but what do we know:), we won 5th Ribs, 13th Pork and 3rd Brisket and ended up 9th overall. Not bad. Greenwood is one of our favorite events to attend each year. It was great visiting with the ones we were able to, and hopefully in Greer in a few weeks we will be able to get out and about a little more and visit.

Hernando,MS Results

Hernando, MS photo

Good day & Bad day at Hernando. 3 chicken 1 rib 1 pork and 32 brisket and 4th overall. If anyone sees my brisket tell it not to come home, I’m done with it!! good event, good location, organizers and
Volunteers did a great job. Headed back to shop to get some living quarters added on before we head to Maryville, TN next weekend. Be sure and sign up for Backyard class we will be holding at Dead End Restaurant in Maryville Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Compart Duroc Family Farms, Butcher BBQ, Strube Ranch and Springer Mtn Farms Chicken.

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